How to excel in university??

Sambil2 surf internet…aku terjumpa lak tips mcm mne nk excel kat nie bukan aku buat tau..aku copy+paste je..saje nk shared..aku harap tips nie bermanfaat kat aku n org nie in aku rasa x de masalah read n practice..hehe….


 nie la tips2 nye ok…

1) Get To Know Your Professors

This makes sense, but few people actually do it. Or at least few people do it well. Getting to know your professors is a necessity no matter what size your school is, but it is particularly important in larger schools. It will take you from being just a number, to being an engaged student in the mind of your prof. Befriend your teacher and you’ll be more likely to get extensions on assignments, a few extra percentage points on each of your papers, and if you ever want to argue a grade a T.A. gave you, you’ll have some ground to stand on. So to properly build rapport, stay after class sometime in the first week, and start discussing the course. What to expect, what’s exciting about it, and why the teacher likes teaching it. Show some genuine interest, and you’ll leave a lasting positive impression. Just be sure to make it a conversation and not a question and answer period, which can seem cold. Also, don’t do it on the first day, because there will be a million students lined up after class for a meet-and-greet. Remember, the idea is to separate yourself from the pack, so don’t always follow the heard. One sure-fire way is to make sure you periodically stop in and speak with the professor throughout the year, during their office hours.

2) Find Your Study Spot

While in university, you can count on endless all nighters and cram sessions. You’re going to want to carve out a spot that works for you. If you need things to be happening around you, stick to the main floor of the library, which is almost always loud. If you’re like most people, and need the quiet, it’s a good idea to do some searching first. A library will usually designate a lot of ‘quiet areas’ around exam time, but you can expect it to be busy and cramped. Take a good look around all the buildings on campus to find the best spot. Sports complexes on campus are often empty around exam time. There is usually a building or section of a building where professors have their offices. The lobby or sitting area there makes for a fantastic spot. Another very commonly overlooked spot is off campus at the local library, which most likely is dead.

3) Get Involved

It almost always happens. Clubs week happens, and students go out and join a million clubs. Of course, by the time they get home they’ve lost their member cards and forgot about the clubs they just signed-up for. Go out and find a club that you actually enjoy or are interested in. Maybe it’s the billiards club, or business club, or even the chess club. Just make sure that you actually make it out to events regularly. Also, try the sports route. If you’ve ‘got game’ head for a varsity try-out. If you’re not quite there, find out about intramural sports at your school. They’ll have skill levels ranging from beer-league rec to super-competitive. It’ll keep you sharp, it’s a great way to make new friends, and it will help fend off gaining the Freshman-15.

4. 4) Host An Event For Your Friends

Most schools have an established bar scene, and any night of the week you’re friends will be hounding you to head there. That scene gets old quick. So add a little spice by putting together a party once a month. It can be any of a million things, but here are a few suggestions. Poker parties. Invite a group of friends to head over mid-day on a weekend and host a tournament. It doesn’t take much, and usually expands into a real party by the time the sun goes down. Cook the girls a dinner! This is a great way to earn brownie-points with the women around campus. Take a group of your guy friends and invite over a group of girls for dinner. Shoot for around 10-20 people. Pick an easy meal to make, and you’ll basically spend the day drinking with your friends, and the girls will be talking about it for months. For a finishing touch, print up invitation cards, and be sure to dress up! Finally, rent or borrow a projector, throw up a big sheet in your backyard, and boom! You’ve got a drive-in movie! Pick a new release and add some speakers, and you’ve got yourself a classic night. Just make sure to keep the noise reasonable, so you don’t have to deal with noise complaints.

5) Take Advantage of Exam Banks

Most students don’t figure this out until senior year. Almost all schools offer something called an exam bank. Essentially, it’s a collection of REAL exams from previous years. You should be able to find them for all classes that have been offered before. An academic counsellor may be able to help you find out where yours can be found. It’s an invaluable resource when it comes to studying for upcoming exams, especially when the professor is less than clear on exactly what you need to be studying. If your course doesn’t have an exam bank, find a student who took the class last year, and see if they have a copy. Teachers who don’t post their exams to the exam banks will often use the SAME test over again. Don’t count on it, but it could be a pleasant surprise when you finally open the booklet.

So that’s it. 5 very easy, but commonly overlooked ways to excel while you’re away at school.


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